Which States Pay Physician Assistants the Most?

With average salaries over the $90,000 mark across the country, physician assistants are overall paid well. But, some states rise above the rest when it comes to PA compensation. Salary should be a major consideration in your physician assistant job search and knowing where PA’s are paid best can help you determine where to practice.

In looking at average physician assistant salaries, don’t forget to take cost of living and state taxes into account. While earning a six-figure salary sounds attractive, some of the states making this list prove more expensive locales than others. The following states top the list of highest average salaries for physician assistants.

1. Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be the smallest state based on land size, but it delivers big when it comes to physician assistants. In 2013, the state topped the job market when it came to highest average salary for PA’s.


2. Nevada

Physician assistants living in Nevada won’t have to play the slots to get ahead. With an average salary well above the 100K mark and a relatively low cost of living, physician assistants in the state can afford an excellent lifestyle.


3. New Hampshire

Physician assistants can truly “live free or die” in New Hampshire. With an average salary among the highest in the U.S. PA’s in the state bring in a pretty good haul.

4. New Jersey

Careful here. While New Jersey pays physician assistants on average more than most states, it costs more to live here than most other places in the nation. But, if you’re attracted to the bright lights of neighboring NYC, New Jersey may still prove a profitable place to practice.

5. Washington

Come for the coffee, stay for the pay. Washington State not only offers an abundant outdoor lifestyle and savory cuisine, physician assistants practicing in the state are paid quite well. Living in more rural Eastern Washington will pay off even bigger.

6. Oregon

Fun fact- Oregon’s flag is the only state flag to carry two separate designs, one on each side. The state further distinguishes itself when it comes to healthcare with PA salaries averaging in the six-figure range.

7. Delaware

Delaware was the first state to ratify the U.S. constitution. It is also one of the first states to pay physician assistants, on average, above the 100K mark.

8. Connecticut

Connecticut may be small, but the healthcare culture pays off big for physician assistants who earn top dollar in the state. Unfortunately, this attractive salary is offset by a high cost of living.

9. Arizona

PA’s attracted to sand and sun shouldn’t hesitate to call Arizona home. Not only does the state offer deserts galore, physician assistants practicing in Arizona earn big with a relatively low cost of living.

10. Maine

Looking to live on the East Coast? Maine boasts high average salaries for physician assistants while reigning in the cost of living compared to states like New York and New Jersey.

11. Alaska

A dream for the outdoors enthusiast, physician assistants in Alaska are also paid quite well. Make sure to brush up on your rural medicine know-how before moving to this medically underserved area.

12. Texas

Howdy! Physician assistants should embrace all things Texas. The state not only pays PA’s better than most other locales, it also boasts one of the lowest costs of living in the nation.


PA’s across the country- how do your salaries compare?

*Source U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


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