Weekend Wrap Up 3.17.17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! How was your week? After a whirlwind of work over the past five days, I am certainly ready for a break. This weekend, I plan to take it easy and get plenty of sleep in preparation for working next week’s 4 in-a-row twelve hour shifts in the emergency department. What are you up to? If you’ve got some downtime before celebrating this lucky holiday, wrap up your work week with these interesting medical news stories. 

Climate, not just genetics, shaped your nose. New research suggests that local climate has helped to sculpt the shape of the nose over time resulting in what we now see as racial and ethnic differences. Narrow nostrils, for example, allow the nose to warm and humidify air more effectively, essential in cold, dry climates. 

By law, hospitals must now tell Medicare patients when care is ‘observation’ only. Although it may include spending multiple nights in the hospital, observation status is treated much differently than other hospital admissions by payers. Now, healthcare providers are required to give patients a heads up to avoid surprise when a bill comes in the mail. 

Craving chocolate? This psychological technique could help you resist. New research suggests that cognitive diffusion and guided imagery help overcome the pull toward unhealthy eats. 

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Why perfectly healthy people are using glucose monitors. A growing number of people are looking to hack into their bodies. From monitoring sleep to caloric intake and exercise, some healthy individuals are electively adding other measures such as glucose to personal wellness data gathering. 

Unintended consequences – new immigration policy leaves some Canadian nurses who work in Detroit stranded at the border. 

3 patients blinded by unproven stem cell treatments. Stem cell therapy is on the cutting edge of medicine, and it doesn’t come without risk. Injections of stem cells into the eyes has been marketed as a treatment for macular degeneration and has been studied successfully in Japan. In Florida, however, three women undergoing the procedure had dramatically different results.

Shaq surprises dog attack victim. The basketball superstar met 5 year-old Syrai who is making a miraculous recovery. Shaquille O’Neal showed his support for the young girl and her family by purchasing new furniture for their home. 

Vibration as exercise? For some, it’s a favorite new workout and now there’s research to back up the craze. In a recent study, mice had improvements in muscle mass and insulin sensitivity when assigned to 20 minutes of daily vibration. They gained less weight and were overall healthier than their sedentary counterparts. Sounds like it’s time to get shaking! 

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Have a fantastic weekend!