Trend Watch: Denim Scrubs

Are you bored of your usual work wear? Scrubs are wearable, washable, comfortable, and easy, but sometimes I get the itch to shake it up when it comes to how I dress for work. My usual work wardrobe tends to be pretty basic, the traditional ceil blue boxy scrub tops and bottoms. Every few days I throw in a set of black scrubs to mix things up and call it a week. But, recently, I discovered a twist on the traditional nursing wear.

Denim scrubs have been making an appearance on the healthcare scene in 2014. The fresh angle on traditional scrubs has some nurses and NPs delighted but others are hesitant to embrace the trend. Dickies sets the bar when it comes to the denim scrub craze offering two styles of pants and tops in both a light indigo and darker indigo blue wash. The Koi brand takes the fad even further with an acid wash scrub top featuring a ruffled neckline and bow.

If you can appreciate the denim scrub movement but aren’t quite brave enough to embrace the new style, Blue Sky Scrub Co. makes a denim-esque bottom, the Railroad Aurora Scrub Bottom, that is a good alternative for more traditional nurses and NPs.

Personally, I don’t think denim scrubs will be making an appearance in my closet anytime soon. I tend to keep it simple when it comes to dressing for work saving my trendy moods for a night out at the bar. Although I don’t plan to don these denim creations myself, they are a fun way for more adventurous providers to show some personality on the job.

What do you think about the denim scrub trend?