Pumpkin Carving 101 for Nurse Practitioners

My resolve to pass on the bowl full of Halloween candy sitting temptingly at the nurses’ station during my overnight shift in the emergency department last night lasted all of about 10 minutes. Who can resist mini Twix at 3am…and Kit Kats…and M&Ms (because you’re only going to eat half the bag to keep you awake on your early morning commute home)?

I’m always late in the game when it comes to preparing for Halloween. And, this year is no different. True to form, I was able to secure a last minute costume. A trip to the grocery store for some treats and a decorative pumpkin or two and I’ll be ready to go, just in time! If, like me, you’ve yet to carve your Jack-o’-lantern for the season, here are a few medical-themed examples that will inspire the nurse practitioner pumpkin carver in you. 

Tube Feeding Jack-O’-Lantern Style









No Guts About It









The Pumpkin Colonoscopy Prep









Need Some Tea Lights, STAT!








The ‘Sugar High’ Reaches New Levels











The Fallout: Junk Food Overdose Gone Wrong








Gourd Resuscitation 







Happy carving!


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