Nurse Practitioners Average Six-Figure Salaries in These States

Salaries for nurse practitioners in nearly every state are on the rise. As the role of nurse practitioners expands and the need for healthcare in the U.S. increases, NPs become a more valuable asset and stand to profit. While the average nurse practitioner salary is between $90,000 and $95,000 nationally depending on who you ask, some states come out ahead of this mark. Where can nurse practitioners earn the most?

A six-figure salary is certainly noteworthy. But, in considering average salaries, don’t forget to take cost of living and state taxes into consideration. Some states topping this list can be quite expensive places to live. Others, however offer a more reasonable cost of living making them among the most desirable locales for NPs. Nurse practitioners practicing in the following ten states earn, on average, salaries in the six-figure range. 


1. Alaska


2. California


3. Oregon


4. Hawaii


5. Massachusetts


6. New Jersey


7. Texas


8. Arizona


9. New Mexico


10. New York


NPs practicing in other states, how do you find your salaries compare?

*Source: United States Bureau of Labor Statistics


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