Not Your Mom’s Compression Socks

I’m publishing this post at high risk of losing all fashion credibility. My cool points are definitely on the decline. I’m pretty sure my mom wears compression socks. My grandmother definitely wore them. While supportive hosiery is certainly not a fashion statement most of us want to make, as nurse practitioners on our feet sometimes we must sacrifice looking good for feeling good. 

I purchased my first pair of compression socks in nursing school at a medical supply store. They were pretty much the ugliest things I had ever put on my feet. I have since ditched these stockings as my aching legs don’t require quite the intensity of a medical grade stocking and I can’t face embracing fashion trends of 80-year-olds. I wish I had known about these cooler compression options during my NP program. If your aching feet and legs could use a pick me up, check out these more chic picks. 




Available in nylon, cotton, or moisture-wick nylon, VIM&VIGR’s understated designs are perfect for work. The contemporary look of these socks makes them wearable with scrubs, or even as part of an everyday outfit. Our favorite design? Cream and grey polka dot. The company even offers free shipping when you order three pairs or more. 



I’m loving the look of MARVY’s color-block compression socks for this season. Not only are they perfect for work, they have added wearability under fall boots. The pop of color peeking out from the top of a riding boot makes the perfect fall fashion statement. Available in stripes, argyle, color block, and prints, MARVY’s got a design for everyone this season. 



When SOXXY creator Sarah Stabile got tired of her stockings slipping, she got out her glue gun and began drawing X’s and O’s on the inside rim to prevent the dreaded slide. Then, she took the idea to market. From stripes and spots to metallics, SOXXY is changing-up the footwear game combining fashion and function. 


4. Goodhew

Goodhew’s compression socks not only look cozy, they increase bloodflow to the legs, decrease swelling, speed muscle recovery, and support your feet. If you’re looking for a more natural look compared to our flashier picks, Goodhew’s line of compression socks features a more organic color palate. 


5. Nabee

Using graduated compression therapy, a concept where stockings become slowly less constrictive as they reach the knee, Nabee socks offer both comfort and health benefits. 84% of nurses wearing Nabee’s high tech socks reported less leg pain throughout their shift. Oh, and did we mention that Nabee’s trendy designs won’t leave you looking like your mom while wearing?


Do you wear compression socks at work? What are your favorite brands?


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