Link Pack: Getting Started in Your NP Career

Graduation has come and gone for most NP programs across the country but many new grads find themselves still looking for jobs. It can be tough to land your first job as a nurse practitioner.  So, I thought today I would compile a few posts to help.  Here are a few thoughts on finding your first job as an NP.

Passing the National Certification Exam, Getting Certified and Writing Your Resume

National Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam: What is the Best Way to Study?

5 Steps to Nurse Practitioner Certification

How to Write Your First Nurse Practitioner Resume

5 Ways to Make Your Nurse Practitioner Resume Stand Out

What Salary Can You Expect?

10 Highest Paying Nurse Practitioner Specialties of 2013

5 Lowest Paying Nurse Practitioner Specialties of 2013

Nurse Practitioner Salaries by State: How Does Your State Rank?

Finding a Job and Negotiating Your Contract

How I Found a Job as a Nurse Practitioner Within One Week of Graduation

7 Things you Should Consider in a Nurse Practitioner Employment Contract

You’ve Finished Your Nurse Practitioner Program, Now How Do You Find a Job?

4 Characteristics You Should Look for in Your First Supervising Physician 

Your First Days on the Job

How I Bridged the Knowledge Gap Between My NP Program and Practice

4 Must Haves in Your First Job as a Nurse Practitioner

The Sweet Spot: When Will You Find Your Dream Job as an NP?


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