FNP Program Acceptance Rates: Midwest Schools

Looking at acceptance rates for nurse practitioner programs can be a little intimidating at first glance. Because the rate depends greatly on how many seats there are each semester versus the number of applications received, however, a low acceptance rate shouldn’t deter your from still applying to your programs of choice, especially if you meet or exceed the program’s admission criteria.

For example, an online NP program may accept 90 students each year whereas a smaller school may only have 12 seats open; if each program receives 100 applications each enrollment period, the acceptance rate is considerably different so it’s important to look at the statistics as a whole. Nevertheless, knowing the acceptance rates for the programs you’re applying to can help you set realistic expectations and avoid getting your hopes up if your application is rejected.

We reached out to more than 200 nurse practitioner programs nationwide. While many universities declined to reveal exact acceptance metrics, here’s what faculty in midwestern schools did say about the likelihood of acceptance to their family nurse practitioner programs.  

Governors State University

University Park, IL

The FNP program at Governors State University accepts applications into its master’s and post-master’s certificate programs for both Fall or Spring semester start dates, admitting only thirty students per year.

Saint Anthony College of Nursing

Rockford, IL

Provided an applicant is able to meet all of the qualifications, her or she will generally be accepted into the program into the FNP program at Saint Anthony College of Nursing. Though not currently selective, the program feels that it may be something they will have to revise in the future.   

Saint Xavier University

hicago, IL

Although Saint Xavier University does not consider its FNP program to be selective, they don’t accept an unlimited number of students either; generally, the program admits 15 – 20 students into their fall cohort while the number varies for the spring.

Indiana State University

Terre Haute, IN

At Indiana State, the FNP program typically sees a 58% acceptance rate; receiving roughly sixty applications or more for only thirty five spots in the program.

Indiana Wesleyan University

Greenwood/Marion, IN

The Primary Care Nursing with a Family Nurse Practitioner specialization program at Indiana Wesleyan University typically has at least a six month waiting list for prospective students looking to start the program.

Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN

The FNP program at Purdue is relatively new, having only graduated one class so far. In the first several years of its existence, the program has not considered itself selective with admissions; their policy had been to accept 12 students into each advanced practice specialty each year, however, due to high demand and exceptional quality of the applicants, 14 applicants were admitted into the FNP program this last year, bringing the program to a 50% acceptance rate.  

University of Southern Indiana

Evansville, IN

Admission to the FNP program at USI is offered only once a year. The acceptance rate varies based on the number of applicants, however, the program accepts 70 students.

Oakland University

Rochester, MI

At Oakland University, the FNP program typically receives anywhere from 80 to 100 applications but only has 25 seats open for the fall and winter semesters.

Graceland University

Independence, MO

At Graceland University, approximately 90 students per trimester are accepted into the online FNP program.

Southeast Missouri State University

Cape Girardeau, MO

Applications to the FNP program at Southeast Missouri State are accepted on a rolling basis. Although there is an deadline of April 1st, if the applicant pool is less than their seat capacity, the program will continue to admit qualified applicants until the beginning of the fall semester.

University of Central Missouri

Warrensburg, MO

Admission into the FNP program at the University of Central Missouri is highly competitive; only 25% of those who apply are admitted. Acceptance into the program is determined based on the undergraduate cumulative GPA of the applicant.

Mount Carmel College of Nursing

Columbus, OH

Each year, the number of applicants into Mount Carmel’s FNP program vary, however, they generally have over a 50% acceptance rate of applications.

Ohio State University

Columbus, OH

Admission into the FNP program at OSU is highly competitive, with an acceptance rate of only 25 to 30%.

The University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH

While admission is competitive, The University of Cincinnati takes a holistic approach to evaluating applicants by looking at the candidate’s GPA, science GPA, goal statement, work experience, and goal statement.

Ursuline College

Pepper Pike, OH

At Ursuline College, applicants who meet the criteria are accepted provided there are open seats.

Mount Marty College

Yankton, SD

Acceptance rates into the FNP program at Mount Marty College are very high for candidates who meet the admission criteria.

Marian University of Fond du Lac

Fond du Lac, WI

The FNP program considers itself to have a good acceptance rate with a rolling admission. Candidates interested in attending Marian University are evaluated based on a holistic review of their applications.