DNP Link Pack: Clarifying the Confusion

If I had to choose one topic readers ask me about most, it would probably be the DNP. I get a lot of e-mails about the proposed 2015 deadline for a DNP transition. Many of you are planners, I can certainly relate. So, naturally, there is anticipation and anxiety around if the DNP mandate will happen and when.

When it comes to thinking about the DNP, we need to take a step further back in planning our NP education paths. Even if the DNP isn’t mandatory, you should always look at all of your options when it comes to making a major life change like deciding to become a nurse practitioner or go back to school. If you haven’t noticed, the theme of the week here at ThriveAP has been all things DNP. For convenience, I’ve consolidated this information into one single post. Presenting the DNP Link Pack.


The 2015 DNP Deadline

Questions about the proposed DNP mandate for nurse practitioners? Then these posts are for you.

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Q&A With a DNP Expert

The DNP Transition: Commonly Asked Questions


Getting Accepted to a DNP Program with Ease

The first step towards advancing your education is getting accepted to a DNP program. These tips can help.

How To Be the Ideal Nurse Practitioner Program Applicant

Nurse Practitioner Program Admissions Recap

A Sneak Peek into the World of NP Program Admissions


Exploring the DNP Curriculum

How will the DNP enhance your education?

Brainstorm: Ideas for your DNP Capstone Project

What is a DNP Capstone Project?

DNP vs PhD in Nursing: What’s the Difference?


Paying for Your DNP Program

It’s all about the Benjamin’s. Fortunately, there are resources to help you pay for your schooling.

$10,000 (plus!) Nurse Practitioner Program Scholarships

Loan Repayment Programs for Nurse Practitioners


Are you planning to get a DNP degree? What questions do you have about the path to a doctorate degree?