Covert Operation: Camo Scrubs Hit the Scene

I witnessed an atrocity the other day. As I was mindlessly browsing the internet with that post-night shift brain fog for something blog-related, I can’t recall exactly what, a disturbing photo caught my eye. Startled, the night-shift brain fog rolled away, and my thoughts and consequent judgements suddenly became oh-so-clear. A nurse proudly clad in camouflage for a scrub magazine photo graced my computer screen.

Living in the south, I don’t have anything against camo. In fact, in middle school I was known to frequent Halloween parties dressed as a member of the military (no need to clarify, I was not part of the cool crowd). Even today, given the right situation, I would proudly throw on a camo jacket, pants, or hat. The key words to my position being right situation. 

If you ask me, the right situations for donning camo include duck or deer season, fighting a war or participating in other military related exercises, and as the very occasional trendy accent piece to an otherwise non-outdoorsy outfit. While I don’t have a penchant for camo scrubs, it seems other healthcare providers must embrace the stealthy work wear as uniform companies are peddling camo this year. Yes, if you are an outdoor aficionado you can now show up for work camouflage clad.

For those nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians who want to make a statement at on the job, here are some options for your camo themed work wardrobe.

Tafford Camo Cross Over Scrub Top 

If I were a supporter of the camo scrub craze, this top would be my pick. Tafford’s scrub set comes in green camo with pink accents, or blue camo with lime green lining. The pink and green accents provide a bit of contrast to the more masculine camo design of Tafford’s camo scrub set.


Ecko Men’s Scrubs Riverside Top in Camo 

Ecko’s Riverside Scrub Top comes not only in navy but also in black bringing a subtle urban touch to the camo look.


Ladies Mock Wrap Scrub Top in Camo Hearts

I concede. This scrub top may have it’s place in the hospital on Valentine’s Day. The pink camo design features hearts making it a lovely pick for the holiday.


White Swan Unisex Camouflage Scrub Set 

If you’re going to test the camo trend, might as well embrace it, right? White Swam makes a complete scrub set in traditional colors for healthcare providers who like to stick with the classics.


Mossy Oak Pink Camo Women’s Scrub Top 

Looking for some variation from the typical camouflage print? This Mossy Oak scrub top features sticks, logs, and leaves giving camo lovers a bit of variety.


Dickies Gen Flex Tour of Duty Scrub Top 

Dickies ‘Tour of Duty’ scrub top mixes a touch of classic plaid with the blue’s and gray’s of this camo design making it one of the classier camo scrub selections on the market.

One thing’s for sure. You certainly won’t blend in wearing camo scrubs. Will you jump on the camo scrubs bandwagon?


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