Best Pocket Guides for Nurse Practitioners

Every NP needs a little help from time to time.  Have a patient with multiple antibiotic allergies and can’t recall which medication is third line treatment for strep?  Maybe you know an ECG looks a little off but are uncertain of the significance of the changes you detect.  Thankfully, there are many quick and easy pocket guides you can keep within easy reach for help in these situations.

Yes, yes, I know seeking assistance from a book sounds a bit antiquated.  I am well aware of the powers of a Google search.  But, I still reach for a few well selected pocket guides on occasion.  I find that the information contained in my favorite pocket guides is simple, concise and targeted specifically to my problems.  Rather than pick through the endless results of an internet search, I often reach for a printed resource.  Which are the most helpful?

1. Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy ($16.69)

More than likely as a nurse practitioner you are well aware of the convenience of the Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy.  With antibiotic prescribing information for nearly every medical condition, I use this resource on an almost daily basis.  I find it particularly helpful for choosing an antibiotic in patients with multiple allergies.  It also comes in handy in determining antibiotic dosing.  Every nurse practitioner should have a copy of this handy resource.

2. Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia ($11.64)

Organized by drug class and use, the Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia is a must have for any nurse practitioner.  This easy to use guide picks up where the Sanford Guide leaves off.  It lists uses and dosages of medications beyond just antibiotics.  Tarascon Pharmacopoeia also includes pricing information which has proved very helpful for my patients and I.  Although similar prescribing information is available with many apps and online programs, it is convenient to have it at your fingertips without having to login online.

3. CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Primary Care ($16.00)

Can’t recall the most current guidelines for breast cancer screening?  Or maybe the first line therapy for hypertension?  Worry no more.  The CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Primary Care pocket guide contains the most up to date recommendations for screening, management and treatment of diseases commonly encountered in primary care.  It comes in handy to have this information easily accessible during a busy day in the clinic or hospital.

4. Tarascon Primary Care Pocketbook ($11.55)

Need a quick refresher regarding the type of murmur caused by aortic stenosis?  Or maybe the treatment of H. pylori?  The Tarascon Primary Care Pocketbook is packed with succinct information covering symptoms, exam findings and treatment of conditions commonly encountered in primary care.  The amount of information crammed in the pages of this pocket guide will ‘wow’ you; this is a must have resource for nurse practitioners and NP students.

5. ECG Notes: Interpretation and Management Guide ($22.55)

This little guide to the ECG has it all.  From diagrams of the heart’s anatomy to basic ECG components and concepts, most of your ECG questions can be answered with this pocket guide.  Easy to read and navigate, the ECG Notes guide provides a convenient resource for your cardiac inquiries.

Which pocket guides do you use as a nurse practitioner?  Please share any recommendations below!