The Best Apps to Help Busy NPs Save Time

I absolutely love tools that help my efficiency level. I’m a get-things-done kind of girl. So, if there’s a way to knock my to-do list out more quickly, particularly if this means spending more time hanging out with friends or hitting up the pool with my husband then I’m on it. I’ve developed a repertoire of apps that help make my life as a full-time nurse practitioner flow more smoothly and thought I would share. If you’re looking for a way to spend less time outside of work  on to-do’s and more time on life’s meaningful moments, check out the following apps.

1. Instacart

Running errands is a total time suck. Start enjoying weekends again by having Instacart deliver groceries and other necessities from local stores right to your doorstep. Simply select your groceries online or in the Instacart app and a personal shopper makes selections then delivers items to your front door. Choose from stores like Whole Foods, Costco, Publix and more. Deliveries can often be arranged within an hour or two of placing your grocery order eliminating the need for advanced meal planning. There is a small fee for each Instacart delivery but given the amount of time you’ll save, Instacart can be well worth the investment. Spend time with your family, not at the store.

2. Amazon Prime Now

I’m a self-described Amazon super user. But, sometimes a need arises and I can’t wait the day or two for an order to arrive. Whether it’s a grocery item, a birthday present or household cleaning supplies, Amazon Prime Now delivers whatever you need to your door in as little as one hour. Amazon Prime members simply download the Amazon Prime Now app to get started. Delivery within a two-hour window is free (though you’ll be asked to tip your delivery person). Delivery within a one-hour window is $7.99 per order. Proceed with caution – Prime Now leads to the temptation of impulse purchases.

3. WhatsApp

Keeping up with friends and family requires an unappreciated amount of time and effort. If you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time responding to text messages, coordinating schedules and the like, set up group text strings on WhatsApp. The messaging service is a great way to keep up with friends and family in a coordinated manner.

4. TinyScan

Dealing with paperwork is a major drag. And, if you’re like me, trying to locate a functioning scanner around the house is not likely to happen. TinyScan is an app that allows you to scan documents with your phone and store or email them as pdf files. So, the next time you need to make a copy of a photo, receipt, or important document, skip the hassle of a trip to FedEx and scan the item with your phone.

5. Takl

Is your home to-do list growing longer by the week? Spend time with your family, friends or even yourself this weekend rather than on chores. The Takl app connects users with approved helpers for small tasks, jobs and chores. From finding a handyman to getting someone to scoop the dog poop in your yard, Takl can get that pesky to-do list taken care of.

6. Mobile Banking 

Keeping up with household finances isn’t easy. So, take an afternoon to get things streamlined with your mobile banking provider. You’ll save tons of time on the back end. By depositing checks online and tracking your finances via app, you can keep tabs on your accounts wherever and whenever you like. In addition, get the Venmo app that makes sending and receiving money to and from friends a cinch. Pay a friend back for dinner or send your babysitter cash for the evening with the click of a button.

7. Google Calendar 

Okay, Google Calendar isn’t exactly a novel idea. But, too few of us sync up our lives with our families and/or significant others which can make coordinating a pain. Scheduling can lead to a lot of back and forth and takes tons of time and energy. Keep things simple by setting up a gmail address for your family and having each member log in to add his or her commitments to the calendar. Or better yet, share your existing Google calendars with one another so you can see who’s doing what.

8. Wyndy 

Could you use an evening out? Whether you’re looking for a little QT with your spouse or time to gab with friends, Wyndy and similar apps simplify the process of finding a babysitter for busy parents. Companies like Wyndy vet sitters on the front end for quality control. Parents simply post a sitting job on the app and wait for a sitter to commit. Finally, parents pay sitters through the app eliminating the need to hit up the ATM on the way home from a night out.

9. Drizly 

The liquor store is just one more errand to run. Save yourself a little time by ordering booze online. Drizly delivers wine, beer and spirits directly to your doorstep. Personally, I use the service most often when hosting parties as these tend to be more substantial purchases and I’m always happy to avoid lugging boxes of booze from my car to the fridge. The only downside? An adult must be present when a Drizly order is delivered and show ID to verify age. Deliveries can be made in as little as one hour after placing an order.

What apps help you handle life more efficiently?

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