9 Cheap Ways to Make Your Workspace Less Depressing

One of my main beefs with my workspace as a nurse practitioner is that there are no windows. Understandably so, as most of my patients are wearing backless gowns, but the lack of daylight can be a little depressing. Or, sometimes, a lot depressing. Not to mention, the hospital and clinic scene can be pretty bland, commonly decorated in an array of muted 90’s-esque pastel tones. It’s safe to say, my surroundings affect my mood. And, a workspace touch up could definitely benefit my day-to-day. 

As nurse practitioners, many of us may not have our own offices, but we likely have at least a little desk space to our names. Given that we spend long hours on the job, it’s worth investing a little time and energy into making our workspaces inviting. An organized, warm desk area will undoubtedly make your day as a nurse practitioner just a bit brighter. If your workspace could use a mood-boosting facelift, check out these cost effective touch ups. 

Express Yourself with Stickies

Sticky notes are an inexpensive way to add a little pizzazz to your desk, especially if you don’t have much freedom in selecting your office decor. Let out your workplace frustration with a few sassy selections. These small stickies and these larger notepads from Knock Knock are chic picks that should do the trick. 

Desk Games, Anyone?

Could you use some mindless distraction on occasion? Or, are you the life of the party on the job? Add an element of fun to your office with desk games. From the Document Dunk Basketball Hoop Trashcan and the Executive Beach Break Mini Sandbox to Table Top Air Hockey and Mini Foosball, desk games are sure to offer endless downtime entertainment to keep your spirits up. 

Give Your Desk Life, Literally

Does being stuck indoors get you down? Add a touch of life to your desk with a plant. Not only does this add color and brightness to your work area, it screams health, wellness, and life. Opt for a succulent that requires minimal watering and care if you’re missing the green thumb gene. A vase with faux flowers will also do the trick.

Mousepad Magic

Putting a few bucks towards a decorative mouse pad is a simple fix for the blah workspace. You can go chic, creative, inspirational, nostalgic (i.e. photos) or even crass (but not too far…) with your mouse pad pick depending on your workspace scheme. Check out this planner pad, or even DIY your own fabric mouse mat. 

Add Dimension 

Crates, bins, baskets, and peg boards not only add storage to your workspace, but also give your desk eye-catching dimension. Try clear acrylic storage containers for a sleek, modern look. Use a wood organizer if classic decor is more your thing. For even more visual interest, and to release the crick in your neck, try perching your computer monitor atop a stack of books. 

Tack Up Inspirational Quotes

Remind yourself why you’re working so hard on your career with an artsy inspirational desk quote. You can find prints like this ‘Good Vibes Only’ selection and this Carpe Diem gold print online at an affordable cost. Or, you can print or draw them on your own for even less. Get creative with how you hang or frame your quote to add even more style to your space. 

Upgrade Your Office Supplies

Office supplies are the perfect way to add a pop of color, class, or comedy to your workspace. Consider gold desk accessories for a chic look. To create a funky, fun workspace theme, include accessories like this unicorn tape dispenser on your desktop.  

Coffee. Need We Say More?

It can be tough to get going in the morning, especially if you’re a nurse practitioner with a schedule packed back to back. Lift your mood, and your eyelids, with a fun coffee cup. Or, if you’re going for a classier workspace look, purchase nice mugs with decorative coasters to give your office a finishing touch. Start your coffee cup collection with the You/Me Unicorn mug, the Color Changing Morning Mug, and the I Survived Another Meeting mug. 

Magnetic Poetry Filing Cabinet

Dress up your clunky metal filing cabinet with magnetic poetry. Invite coworkers to participate. Start with magnetic poetry originals, then add to your collection with fun expansion packs

How do you brighten up your workspace? 

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