8 Best Lab Coats for Women

After a long day on my feet in the ER, I relish coming home to my favorite sweat pants. The gray, baggy delights from my college days are worn-in to perfection getting softer with each passing wash. Usually, I throw on a baggy tee or sweatshirt with my favorite after work pants to complete the vision of ultimate comfort. My husband says I look like a gray box in my comfy sweats- my outfit so large it essentially fits like a tent.

While I enjoy looking like a box in my sweats after a long day on the job, I don’t strive for a similar appearance during the work day. Unfortunately, many women’s lab coats give exactly that look. With so many lab coats ill-fitting and lacking in style, I find myself frequently going coatless at work. But, there are a few lab coats that stand out above the rest. Here are are our top picks when it comes to lab coats that offer both fashion and function.

1. Blue Sky Co. Preston Twill Lab Coat ($98)

The grey piping on Blue Sky Co.’s Preston Twill Lab Coat immediately jumps out as it’s defining feature. Subtle enough to remain professional but noticeable enough to add interest to a typically bland garment, the added hint of color makes Blue Sky Co.’s creation a must-have for NPs and PAs looking for a cute but quality coat.

2. Medelita Hannah M. Lab Coat ($134)

Designed with the refined nurse practitioner or physician assistant in mind, Medelita’s Hannah M. Lab Coat features a non-traditional neckline lending it a sophisticated edge. Not only does this lab coat give a polished appearance, Medelita’s signature fabric resists stains and wrinkling, essential for the busy provider.

3. Koi Happiness Women’s Lauren Lab Coat ($40)

A trendy single front button gives Koi’s Lauren Lab Coat a fresh look. Paired with large front pockets, this innovative design doesn’t compromise functionality leaving plenty of storage for all your daily essentials. Better yet, Koi’s original design comes at an affordable price.

4. Landau Women’s Modern iPad Lab Coat ($27)

Landau’s Modern iPad Lab Coat offers a casual, modern look perfect for more relaxed practice settings. NPs and PAs with a more laid back style will appreciate this short coat with plenty o’ pockets specifically designed with the latest technology in mind.

5. Grey’s Anatomy Women’s Pocket Princess Seamed Lab Coat ($37)

A healthcare favorite, the Grey’s Anatomy Pocket Princess Seamed Lab Coat is a well-loved pick for many providers. At just the right length and with the necessary pocket storage for a full day at the clinic or hospital, this lab coat gives a classic appearance without being too formal.

6. Urbane Women’s Zipper Front Lab Coat ($31)

Urbane’s chic Zipper Front Lab Coat features a front zip rather then snaps or buttons yielding a unique appearance. For the provider bored the scrubs and lab coat look, but bound to a dress code, this lab coat offers a big of an edge.

7. Classico Women’s Flare Coat ($178)

Classico’s lab coats are synonymous with quality. Although pricier than our other picks, the minute you put on a Classico lab coat you can tell only the best fabrics and attention to detail were put into the manufacturing process. My favorite feature of this coat is the three-quarter length sleeves which lend to the jacket’s more tailored, fitted style.

8. Urbane Button Front Lab Jacket ($32)

Modern and minimalist, gray snaps and a short style give this lab coat a sharp and contemporary yet casual appearance. The trendy details of Urbane’s Button Front Lab Jacket don’t compromise functionality. The lab coat even features hidden cuffs keeping sleeves out of the way at work.


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