7 Steps to Take After Submitting Nursing School Applications

By ThriveAP Intern and Nurse Practitioner Program Applicant Ashley Prince

Done with your nursing or nurse practitioner program applications? Me too! These last few months have been long and confusing (early deadlines, actual deadlines, online applications, paper transcripts, GRE codes, personal essays, oh my!). But, now I can breathe the sweet sigh of relief that it’s all over.

I’ve talked about the emotional stages that happen to us applicants after we hit submit on an app, but here are some more practical steps to take once you’re all set and finished with your celebratory glass of wine (or two)!


1. If you haven’t already, take the time to give a big “thank-you” to your references ad anyone else who helped you along the way!

2. Follow up with the admissions team and make sure they have received all of your application materials. They can make mistakes and lose or misfile pieces of your application. A simple follow up email could save your application– it certainly saved one of mine.

3. Don’t check the status of your application everyday! Once you know everything is complete, resist the urge to check up on it constantly. I know there’s that one-in-a-million chance that it’s status could get updated in the fifteen minutes since you last checked it, but save yourself the stress (and crazy looks from your boyfriend).

4. Check your budget. Application fees, GRE scores, and transcripts eat a big chunk out of your wallet, and prices can be higher than anticipated. Making sure you’re still within your limits can save you from getting a big surprise at the end of the month when the holiday season starts to kick in.

5. If you are currently in school, focus on finishing out the remaining term strong. Senioritis has bitten me hard, and now I’ve found that my motivation to go to class has sunk even lower after submitting my applications. But since my acceptance is conditional based on finishing certain classes and graduating I’ve had to find some creative motivators to get me to class. Knowing a Reese’s cup is waiting for me when I get back from class will usually get me to the lecture hall, and having my dad change the Netflix password ensures I’m getting the most out of my free time to study for upcoming exams.

6. When you do daydream, make it productive. Where are you going to live if you get accepted into a certain nurse practitioner program? Will you need to line up a job or will you focus on being a full-time student? Have you talked to your significant other about how your relationship will work around school and possibly relocating? Coming up with answers to these questions now will make the transition to graduate school easier once the acceptance letters start rolling in.

7. Make preparations to visit schools once more. Campus visits give you the best idea of what a school is like and help you determine if you really fit in there. Students and faculty present during your tour can give you a more detailed look into the nursing program than what the official website offers. Visits can also help you decide between schools if you’re really on the fence. So, go ahead and plan a road trip for this upcoming Veteran’s Day!

Do you have any suggestions on other things to check off the list after pressing “submit” on your nurse practitioner program applications? Let me know in the comments.


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