5 Must Have Tools for the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Companies make everything cuter for kids.  I mean, have you ever seen an adult diaper with cartoon characters on it?  I bet not!  But kids diapers- from a wide array of cartoon characters to mock denim, there is no limit to the design capacity of the diaper.  The same goes for medical gadgets.  We love these 5 tools and recommend them not just for the pediatric NP but also for those of you who enjoy lighthearted moments throughout your day.

1. Elly the Elephant Otoscope Attachment

No matter how many comforting sounds you can muster, some kids just don’t appreciate a good otoscope examination.  We think things could change for the better with this otoscope attachment.  This attachment transforms your otoscope to look like an elephant and comes complete with matching disposable otoscope covers for just $9.95.

2. ZooTemps Digital Thermometers

ZooTemps provides a line of oh-so-cute digital thermometers.  Although they appear to be more in the farm animal than the zoo category, we love the idea of taking an everyday medical device and transforming it into a cow, frog or duck.  We think these will go a long way in making kids comfortable in your clinic.

3. Pediatric Nebulizer Machine

Having asthma as a kid totally stinks.  You can’t go outside to play when the pollen count is up, you get out of breath running around with your friends and carrying around an albuterol inhaler in your pocket is just not that cool.  But maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if you had this Digger Dog Nebulizer machine?  This nebulizer shaped as a dog complete with dog house carrying case may be the solution parents need to get their children to take their breathing treatments.  Mountainside Medical Equipment also sells nebulizers that resemble firetrucks and other animals.  Nebulizers are priced affordably at approximately $51.

4. Pediatric Pulse Oximeter

The pulse ox can be terrifying if you are a two-year-old…but not if it looks like a frog.  We think these pediatric pulse oximeters designed to look like frogs and bears are great tools for the pediatric NP.  At $69.95, you do pay more for this creative design.

5. Dinosaur Stethoscope Cover

A fun, distracting stethoscope cover is the staple of any good pediatric healthcare provider.  With its friendly face and detailed razorback, we think this dinosaur design is a step above the rest.

Do you have any fun pediatric gadgets you recommend?  Let us know below!